My heart aches when you call me NRN

June 12, 2018


I know I left you when you were sick

But there was no way for me to make you better

I tried with all my means to care for you and cure you

But I was helpless, despairing, and frustrated.

That’s why like others I also chose to leave you

I know you wanted me to leave,

That’s why you made it possible for me to leave.

Every night after I got home from a day of hard work

I called to console you that I am doing fine here.

Never expressing my pain and despair

But you knew my pain

I tried to hide it but it was in vain

Because you had learned to understood me even before I was born.

You talked with me though I was yet to be born

You provided comfort to me in the womb

Never complaining about my kicks, punches, and disrespect.

But today when you truly needed my help, I am not with you

And now they call me not your son, but a foreigner

I need a visa just to meet you and see you

So I ask you to keep me in your heart

Do not sweep me away like dust.

I am a part of you and that is why

My heart aches when you call me N R N.

What of Lahure, Madan, Buddha, or Bhrikuti

Do you also call them an N R N and abandon them?

Don’t you feel pride for them?

From the book “The dream we had together”