NECC's another new chapter in 2020 "Nepalli Pathashala of Maryland"

January 2, 2020


Washington: Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC) has expressed a very Happy New Year 2020 message to all its members, well wishers and individuals. A press note expressed by Khilendra Mani Neupane President, NECC Greater Washington DC, has said that NECC has made a substantial progress in many ways for the NECC in 2019.

President Neupane has said that the Center has begun another new chapter "Nepalli Pathashala of Maryland" with 77 enthusiastic children. The press note also reads that the multi-talented young priest Khilraj Pandit has started his journey and is taking initiation to make Pashupati-Budha Mandir a peaceful and beautiful place to visit.

"Deusi-Bhailo 2019 was another astonishing achievement and raised over a hundred thousand dollars. The Center organized Deusi-Bhailo event in 25 different places in the 4 consecutive weekends. Hundreds of family members from greater Washington DC and across the United States participated and generously donated to the NECC", reads the press note.

The Center has said that it took a profound pride of the volunteers, artists, and donors for their extraordinary efforts, outstanding performance, generous donations and overwhelming support which was a huge achievement and great success for the community, as a whole.

Similarly, the Center has focused on the different priority projects for the year 2020 and has hoped to meet the goals, and year 2020 will be another milestone year for the NECC as well. 

Press Release