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इटहरीको पकली चोकको पसलमा खुल्ला ठाउँमा बेच्नका लागि राखिएका मिठाई । तस्बिर : याम प्रधान, इटहरी, रासस


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Basanti Maharjan, February 7, 2016 (DCnepal) – The Indian side has blacktopped a road that was constructed unilaterally near the no man’s land along the Nepal-India border. The road at the no man’s land was constructed in a way to inundate houses in Nepal near the border blocking the natural course of water during monsoon.


The black topping of the road might impact different bordering settlements in Banke district including Nepalgunj city. The construction of the road near no man’s land is against international practices. A country can’t build any infrastructures without the consent of another country as per the international practices. The southern neighbor has been constructing the road despite stern opposition from Nepal.


Locals are living with a fear that their houses will be inundated during the coming monsoon. They had opposed the construction of the road but, the protest has fallen on deaf ears. They had also raised their concerns to the government, but it has not been headed till date.


India had started the construction of the road in 2055 BS. Recently, a 16-km road section from Holiya to Piplahawa in the east has been blacktopped. Areas in Nepalgunj get submerged in water due to the road that acts as an embankment.


Locals said that their houses, shops get inundated during the rainy season. The entire village, crops and animals have been washed away by the floods time and again. The problem doesn’t lies only in the district.


India has been constructing such road near the no man’s land throughout the Nepal-India border. The construction of the road is against the international norms. The government seems of turning a deaf ear to the plight of the locals. The government needs to act quickly and solve the problems through diplomatic channels.

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