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इटहरीको पकली चोकको पसलमा खुल्ला ठाउँमा बेच्नका लागि राखिएका मिठाई । तस्बिर : याम प्रधान, इटहरी, रासस


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Basanti Maharjan, November 27, 2016 (DCnepal) – Here is the very interesting, simple and easy to make food provided by Yummy Food World. Yummy Food World is a channel which is all about inspiring others to cook all kinds of food all around the world especially Nepali/ Newari cuisine.

Yummy Food World provides yummy and easy recipe so that anyone can learn to cook easily within some minutes. Today, we are showing you the easy recipe of making spicy Eggs curry.

Eggs curry is a delicious onion and tomato based gravy paired with Sesame seeds. One of the most popular breakfast in Nepal (Newari Cuisine). This Egg Curry is spicy and delicious and is sure to be a hit among family and friends.

Here are the necessary ingredients to make crispy fried chicken: Olive oil, cumin seed, turmeric powder, boiled eggs, onions, red chilli, chopped ginger, butter, chopped green onions, chilli powder, tomato sauce, garam masala, lemon juice, salt, sesame Seeds, soya Sauce, and coriander.

First heat a pan adding olive oil. Then fry cumin seed till it gets dark brown. Then add turmeric powder and fry boiled eggs for while. After that take out eggs from the pan and n the same oil add onions, red chilli, chopped ginger and butter and give a good mix.

After that add green chopped onions and add tomato sauce, garam masala, lemon juice, chilli powder, sesame seed, salt, soya sauce and give them good mix. After cooking for while add boiled eggs and coriander leaves and cook it for 2 more minutes covering it with lid. And here is your egg curry ready to be served.

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