NRNA leaders say Sagoon’s investment opportunity a worthy chance

November 7, 2017


At the time when Sagoon, (, a social ecommerce startup founded in the United States by Nepalis, has opened the second round of the global investment opportunity, the leaders of the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) have said that they have taken it a good investment opportunity.

They all requested the Nepalis abroad to make an investment capitalizing the opportunity.

Former President of NRNA, Jiba Lamichhane said that the Sagoon’s products will have a global impact as it is the age of information technology. He was of the opinion that it was a matter of pride for a company established by Nepalis got permission for a Public Offering (Mini IPO) in the United States.

One can invest in Sagoon through debit and credit cards and it was the first American startup company permissioned for investment through debit and credit cards. Nepal lacks legal provision for investment in foreign countries. But, Nepalis around the globe can invest in Sagoon if they have an account in foreign banks.

NRNA Former President Devman Hirachan was enthusiastic by the investment opportunity at Sagoon. He said that the Sagoon’s product can be beneficial for Nepalis globally, adding that Sagoon can leapfrog in the field of IT.

NRNA Vice-president Kul Acharya said that the Sagoon has been gaining positive momentum, revealing that he too had investment in the startup.

NRNA patron Indra Wan said that if all the Nepalis extend their helping hand for Sagoon then it will create an example for the coming days.

Likewise, NRNA Vice-president Sapila Rajbhandari said that Sagoon will help to make Neplais recognized globally.

“The Sagoon’s offering might create a positive impact on many,” she shared.

Also speaking, NRNA Vice-president Kumar Panta said that the global investment by Sagoon is a landmark, adding that he was optimistic of Sagoon’s bright future.

NRNA General Secretary Badri KC said that the Sagoon’s campaign was a big campaign for the 21 century, adding that Non Resident Nepalis will always be supporting Sagoon.

NRNA Treasurer Hikmat Thapa said that the offering of investment by Sagoon was an exemplary work.

Sagoon is a social commerce platform that offers everyone a chance to make money while socializing. The second round of investment opportunity will close of November 30. Visit for detailed information.





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