Over 2,500 senior citizens of Salyan village awaiting elderly citizen’s allowance

May 2, 2019


Salyan : More than 2,500 senior citizens of Bangad Kupinde municipality of Salyan district have been affected in many ways as they are eagerly waiting for elderly citizen’s allowance for the past six months.

Puran Singh, 80, of the municipality-5 dependent on the allowance for many purposes is facing difficulties to buy his medicines without money. “I am dependent on the allowance to buy my medicines. But six months have passed, I am waiting for the allowance,” he complained.

Birami Kami of the municipality-4 has the similar story to share. “I do not have any other income source than the allowance. I had been running household expenditures on the allowance. Now I am in difficulty to run the household,” she said.

Thakur Budhathoki of the municipality, who is a differently abled person, is also facing difficulties for want of the allowance.

Budget for the allowance had not been released since chief administrative officer got transferred elsewhere six months ago, said the municipality’s mayor Gobinda Pun. “Now new chief administrative officer has taken office. We will distribute the allowance soon,” he added. (RSS)