Playing Holi in 1960s (video)

March 12, 2017


People in the Capital and other parts of the hilly region observed Phagu Purnima or Holi, the festival of colours, with jest and vigour on Sunday.

The festival is being celebrated today by smearing "Abeer" or red vermilion powder and throwing colour and water-filled plastic pouches at each other. People have gathered with their friends and family since early morning today and commenced the celebration by applying colours on each other and making merry amongst themselves.

Holi, an important festival for Nepali people, begins on the eighth day of the new moon and ends with the burning of the "Chir', which was installed earlier, on the full moon day.

The festival is celebrated today in the hilly areas including the Capital and will be celebrated in the Terai region tomorrow.

Below is the video that shows playing Holi in 1960s. Watch the video and travel to the past history of Nepal.