Police impound 13 trucks for smuggling sand

August 8, 2017

Melamchi: Police have impounded 13 trucks for smuggling sand after illegally excavating it from Indrawati River on Monday night.

A team led by Police Inspector at the Area Police Office, Melamchi, Nabaraj Dhungana impounded the trucks while smuggling sand to Kathmandu.

The police impounded the vehicles--- Ba 4 Kha 9454, Ba 4 Kha 7848, Ba 4 Kha 7526, Ba 4 Kha 5764, Ba 4 Kha 6208, Ba 4 Kha 7051, Na 3 Kha 8970, Ba 4 Kha 6902 and Ba 3 Kha 4218, among others along with documents. The trucks have to pay fine to the District Coordination Committee.

Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Shyam Krishna Adhikari, said that 12 trucks and two excavators had faced action two days ago for their involvement in sand smuggling. The law enforcement agency said that they are further investigating the case. RSS