Prakash Saput interview

April 14, 2019


Prakash Saput is known for representing the ongoing trends of rural Nepal through his songs. He is one of the popular folk singer in Nepali music industry.

He has thus far recorded close to 25 folk songs and been featured in more than 200 music videos. His latest, ‘Bola Maya’, portrays the plight of migrant workers, and is currently trending on social platforms. Recently, he has released another song which is the second part of his old song Rap Battle.

This time he released Rap Battle 2 coordinating along with folk singer Preeti Ale. As the previous one this song Rap Battle too is being very popular whereas even the song got criticism somehow. Even though there are large number of audiences and viewers who loved this song as well.

Currently, in the conversation with one of the media, Prakash Saput has spoken about his newly released rap battle song part 2 and also many more including his personal and professional life. Also, during conversation he revealed that he will be playing a Nepali movie soon and for that he is currently doing practice.

Watch video to know what he said more?