Rainbow Flags in the Streets of Kathmandu

June 30, 2019


Maddie Gaynor

It was Saturday morning as the sun began to shine through the early storm, people of all kinds began to gather in the streets of Maitighar Mandala for the Nepal Pride Parade.

This march for pride was organized by multiple organizations and people fighting for equality, demonstrating their want for change.

Music seemed to echo through the air as it combined with the sounds of laughter and shrills of excitement. Flashes of rainbow appeared as the pride flags waved in the wind and the bight colors were scattered among the crowd.

People greeted their friends and family with embraces of joy, lines forming of those awaiting to get their faces painted with the colors of pride.

The music continued to get louder, groups broke out in dance, the crowd grew. The suspense was building as the time grew closer to the beginning of the march.

The police showed up, people got in order, and the movement began. Everyone flooded the streets with chants of equality, colors of their identities, and songs of spirit.

As they marched everyone witnessed the happiness each individual felt being apart of the community, how they appeared as if they were all family.