Sagar Ale gives standing ovation to Pratap Das for his singing

September 2, 2017


Here in the video we can see the moment when Sagar Ale gave standing ovation to Pratap Das while he was performing. Buddha Lama and Pratap Das had given a performance together in which the first half part of the song was sung by Buddha Lama and the remaining half part of the song was sung by Pratap Das. 

They have sung a song called Meri Priya. The lyricist of the song is Firoj Timilsina and he is the singer of the song. The song was amazingly presented by Pratap Das and Buddha Lama. The judges were really impressed with their performance.

  But this is the rare case when the fellow competitor is so impressed with his own contemporary. Sagar Ale was so impressed by his performance that he just stood and clapped for him when he was singing the song.  This was a very sweet moment on the last episode of Nepal Idol.

The show is getting interesting and all are very excited to get their first Nepal Idol. The show is going ahead and doing a great job. Sagar Ale, Pratap Das, Nishan Bhattrai and Buddha Lama are the remaining contestant in the show, only one is going to bag the title of Nepal Idol. The whole nation is really excited about it.  

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