​​​​​​​Sagoon launches its desktop version

April 17, 2018


Washington DC: The social commerce platform Sagoon (www.sagoon.com) has released its browser-based desktop version. Sagoon said that the browser version of the social commerce platform was launched with enhanced user friendly design so that users could access Sagoon easily beside from the Android-based app.

"Beside from mobile, large chunk of users browse social media from desktop," said Sagoon's Founder Govinda Giri, "The desktop version of Sagoon was launched targeting those users."

With the launch of the Android app in January this year, the users of the social commerce platform have increased significantly to two million. The app has been already downloaded more than 915,000 times. The desktop version was launched taking the request from the users into consideration.

Sagoon aims to be a gamechanger in how users experience social media, with the introduction of Social Smart Card later this year that would enable the user to shop, redeem coupons, gift their loved ones, and earn cashback and discounts on future purchases. Sagoon believes that its Social Smart Card and iOS app will bring remarkable changes in the 300 billion dollar social commerce market.

Sagoon has currently launched the third round of funding for investors. Sagoon said that the fundraising round will close on May 31. As one year qualification of running a Mini-IPO is going to end by the end of June, 2018, it is a final round of investment opportunity available for interested individuals and institutions, said Sagoon's Co-founder Kabindra Sitaula.

For more information on investment opportunity visit: www.sagoon.com/invest.