Sagoon will be a game changer in social media platform: Co-founder Dayal (with video)

January 31, 2018


Sagoon is a rapidly growing social commerce platform that recently launched it Android app in New Delhi on January 9. Sagoon was conceptualized by its founder Govinda Giri and has been increasing its influence in South Asia. DC Nepal Online caught up with Sagoon’s Co-founder Swati Dayal during her recent visit to Nepal. Excerpts.

Could you please explain the reason for visiting Nepal this time?

I personally love Nepal. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. So, I never miss a single chance to visit Nepal and meet people.

From the day we launched Sagoon, Nepali brothers and sisters in Nepal and abroad have supported and showered us with love. They have been encouraging us with a great enthusiasm. First of all, I would like to thank for all the support and the encouragement that brought us to this level.

This time, I am here for the CAN InfoTech. I came to know about the event through a video and looking at the enthusiasm of people, I could not stop myself to be here. It is indeed a great opportunity to meet people personally and explain them about Sagoon.

What was the response of the youths for Sagoon?

It was brilliant. I had never imagined that such a big crowd will turn up at the Sagoon’s booth. Every single person we spoke about Sagoon was positive. They liked the features. Youths give right and core feedbacks and that was what we wanted. It was a great opportunity to be at the CAN InfoTech.

Why was Sagoon introduced? Could you please elaborate its vision?

The vision of Sagoon is for the whole South Asia region. Our founder Govinda Giri witnessed some depression and anxiety created by the use of social media.

And at the same time, he wanted to solve the problems, at least for the coming generations. So, Sagoon was launched with the vision of creating a new social world on the path of Connect, Share and Earn. So Connect, Share and Earn is our religion and it is what we try to do day and night.

We want to connect people in a real sense. Not just digitally but build an intimate relationship in social media. That’s the real connection we want to build between peoples.

For Share, we want to share knowledge, something that is knowledge for the end users. And Earn, on top of it, is a core feature that we call as a game changer. It will serve as a challenge for other social media giants. Earn is for the time spent on social media.

Could you elaborate the key features of Sagoon?

We recently launched the Sagoon’s app with features—My Day, Secret and Mood Talk and a small version of Me Page.

My Day is a kind of a small calendar. It has a very great vision. There are scheduling tools and they are for professional life. How My Day differs from others is that My Day for planning your day for home and work. It is designed for people that are dependent on you. Through the feature, you can send and plan reminders to your loved ones.

Another tool we have created is Secret and the core vision of it is to create a transparent society. Give freedom to people to speak out. There are lots of people who feel shy and depressed. They are not speaking on social media as they feel the fear of being judged by others. We just want to give them a platform where they can speak out and express themselves. There are a lot of people suffering from anxiety and depression and they need a platform to speak up. And, Sagoon’s Secret is platform where people have already started speaking up.

If you talk about Mood Talk, it is helping people to express themselves in just one click. This is the tool in which you don’t need to type in but your mood talks itself.

How would to draw people toward Sagoon while Facebook is already there meeting their needs?

If you look after the history of social media, you will find that Orkut was very popular before Facebook and it took years for Facebook to drive the people from other social media to Facebook. Same applies for Sagoon as well.

People have now started looking for an outcome for spending hours on social media and they are getting nothing more than negativity. We unveiled Sagoon taking that into consideration. Of course, it will take some time for the people to realize it and after that Sagoon will be the best alternative for them.

Looking after the complaints on social media and play store it can be said that people are confused on using the app. How would Sagoon address that?

Of course there are confusions of how to use the app. We will be coming up with a video tutorial on how to make the maximum use of the app. We are also planning to make the app available in Nepali, Hindi, Bengali and other regional languages.

Apart for that, what are Sagoon’s future plans?

This year will be very crucial for us from the view of development, expansion and upgrade. We had made public the web version in 2015. We will be brining app for iOS user in May and will be unveiling the web version too.

Other features we will be launching this year will be Me Page and Earn. The Earn feature will be very important for us as it would a game changer in social media. Through this features, we will be unveiling Social Smart Card that would be freely available to all the users. They will earn point for the time they spend on Sagoon and the point can be redeemed from our partnered departmental stores and shopping malls.

At last, what would you like to convey to Nepali users?

We have been receiving support, assistance, suggestion and encouragement from Nepali users from the very day Sagoon was launched. Sagoon is the outcome of thinking of a Nepali (Govinda Giri), who is also the founder of Sagoon.

We have been receiving overwhelming response from Indian users. They have been dubbing Sagoon as the ‘father of all apps’. Now, the burden to make Sagoon a global app lies on our shoulders. It’s your app, start using it and also spread the words about it. Please suggest if any complaints regarding the app.