Shraddha Kapoor unveils Sagoon’s Android app

January 10, 2018


New Delhi:  Sagoon ( has launched its ambitious app on Tuesday. Amidst the presence of notable personalities of Nepal and India, Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor made public the app for Android platform in New Delhi, India.

The social commerce platform has been strengthening its presence in the global world. It has leapfrogged its impact in India taking the South Asian region as its initial target.

During the app launch event hosted by Indian television personality Mandira Bedi, actress Shraddha Kapoor shed lights on the newest features of the app. The actress revealed that she has been using the app, adding that Sagoon has become her daily tool.

The actress questioned Sagoon’s Founder Govinda Giri on how he came across with an idea to create an app with such creative features. The conversation between Sagoon’s Founder Giri and actress Kapoor was a worth watching.

Addressing the app launch event, Sagoon’s Founder Giri said that the app was an outcome of long struggle and hard work, adding that it was possible owing to strong commitments and assistances from Nepalis. He revealed his plans to reach out to global users by expanding the impact of the social commerce website in South Asia.

The app features open and secret messaging, My Day and Mood Talk as main features. Click here to download to download Sagoon’s newest app.