Teenage and Realities: A Brief Comment

August 27, 2018


Simply, we can understand that teenage means the age of between 13-19. It can be considered as the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. It is a period of multiple transitions involving education, training, proper guidance, etc. Teenagers are immature in this age. They can’t distinguish what is right and what is wrong. They only know that they are right in everything and this kind of thinking leads them in wrong path. Their brains aren’t developed enough to distinguish right and wrong or just and unjust in a proper way. As many physical and psychological changes are occurring in this age, they are known to be as an argumentative, moody, obstinate, etc. This age is like autumn of we all human beings in fact. Therefore, Parents, Family members, teachers, etc. should treat teens very thoughtfully and carefully.

This age comes only once in the person’s life. Well, as I, myself also belong to teenage, I say that this age is an exciting age. Teenagers are very much excited in doing or experiencing new things. They think themselves as a great person. In the case of boys, suppose, if anyone calls them by saying “BHAI”, automatically their reaction may change and they might start quarrel over his/her saying. They generally can’t hear bad things about themselves. It is also a time for growth spurts and puberty change. The teenage years bring many changes, not only physically but mentally or psychologically also. In this age, teens begin to struggle for independence too. They want independence from parents and clueless and super-strict teachers. They want to fall in love. Romantic and sexual relations may become important for them.

This age is considered the most dangerous time of life for human beings. They can involve in different crimes such as bullying, taking drugs, breaking laws, etc. by peer pressure or influence. Both boys and girls may involve in taking Drugs, syringe also in this age because of friend’s prescription or pressure. They may involve in sexual activity too. As I have already told that this age is quite exciting, teens want to experience all the new things in this age. Nowadays, social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat and so on are most popular apps which help to connect teenagers with many People whether they are known or unknown. Teenagers use these apps on unsystematic way also. They want to be exposed to unsavory people and unhealthy images. Girls may pregnant in this age after doing sexual intercourse with their partner. Nowadays, if a boy and girl fall in love with each other, they start sexual relationship too. Then, girls may be pregnant and finally they should do abortion which can affect them badly.


Similarly, even in very cold weather, teenagers don’t wear coats or woolen warmed clothes. In case they wear such warmed jackets, they expose their chest. They can’t leave their mobile alone even at the dining table even though there is nothing interesting. Apart from these things, there are many issues which are faced by teenagers. Some of them are suicide, cyber bullying, internet addiction, violent video games, watching porn, etc. Such kind of issues harm not only to teens, it harms to their family and society too finally. We all should know that Every parent has good expectation from his/her children during this period because it is the age of showing the light of some unique and newness to the parents by standing in a different line than others. So, every parent treat special with their children in teenage so that their children may turn into right way.

Out of many problems faced by teenagers, suicide is one of the most serious problem. There are many factors for teen suicide. They commit suicide for their various purposes. If their expectation is not fulfilled, they easily commit suicide. Also, by use of Alcohol or drug abuse, by watching violent movies, they can apply the same things they saw and watched in their real lives. But, their actions are against societal norms and values and become also illegal. Consequently, they feel they are insecure and are surrounded by everyone and everything and don’t see a way to get rid of their actions they did and finally they commit suicide as a final solution. Similarly, watching porn is also another main issue of teenagers. It encourages violence against women. Teens watch porn for entertain purpose. In this age, their puberties change so they have sexual desires as well. To fulfill their sexual desires, they watch porn movies which is not good at all. They know they are doing wrong, that’s why they hide this matter from their parents or other peoples. Another one is Bullying. It is an ongoing pattern of harassment. In fact, Bullying can have different forms such as cyber bullying, personal bullying, group bullying etc. It is a serious problem which is growing among teenagers. Doing cyber bullying doesn’t let people know. So, they take it as an entertaining purpose. Though It is not good yet it can lead to the suicide of those victims being bullied.

There are many other issues/ problems faced by teenagers besides I have shortly described above. These are not actually problems of only teens, these are the problems of family, society and entire people of country too. To cure teens, as parents are the most responsible persons, they should treat their children in the proper way. For this, first they should understand their children and identify their problems. They must be friendly towards their children so that children can share each and everything with them without any hesitation. Parents must include their children in family discussion too. Children must show that they are enjoying education and learning. Parents must give proper time to their children. They should avoid doing night party, hanging with friends in night. In front of teens, parents should talk only good things, they must create proper environment for their children. Teenagers believe that they are mature enough to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, etc. They want to copy all the things what others do. If parents are drinker, their children (son/daughter) will likely to follow them. To take away teens from smoking or drinking, parents should say about the danger of alcohol and drug confidently with examples. Parents should strictly avoid smoking, drinking in front of their teens children. Parents should give real details of everything which can be bad or good for their children. They must understand their children and must treat them in good manner.

is the developmental as well as transitional stage. We all know that teens are not matured enough to understand and manage everything with the aspiration of their parents. Since, they are in the transitional stage, Parents, teachers and other concerned persons should treat them very thoughtfully and carefully. Day by day their physical, mental/psychological and social development are changed during this period. So, teens should be handled with care whether be at home or in school or elsewhere. Before 13, teens belong to childhood and when they reach 13, they belong to teenage up to 19. So, they are supposed to have become a little matured than childhood stage but in fact they think themselves that they are fully matured and all things they are doing are right. As this period is a transitional period for teens, there is maximum chance of stepping on wrong path by them during this stage. That’s why, parents must take care of their children properly. They must give proper and precious time for their children and behaves as if they are their friends so that they can share each and everything with their parents. If parents give proper education and time for their children there is not any chance of occurring difficult circumstances to teens.

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