This Nepal-made robot will amaze you

July 27, 2017


You will be amazed by the welcome by a robot named 'Pari' if you reach the Durbarmarg branch of Nepal SBI Bank. The robot will talk to you if you enter the branch, go near to it or exit the office. Seeing the robot, you might thing that the robot might have been brought from abroad. But, you will be wrong. The robot has been made in Nepal. The robot has been made by Nepal-based Company Paila Technology.

Joint Founder of Paila Technology, Sagar Shrestha said that after they were approached by the bank, they hoped that a market for such robots can be created in Nepal.

The robot not only welcomes the customers at the branch, but also informs the customers after the services provided by the bank. The bank has tried to develop the branch as a human-less branch where everything from applying for bank account to printing debit cards among different featurescan be done through machines.


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