10 to 5

In today's episode we have a special we have Muiya. Nirmal sir was heading towards the office and he was getting late so he accidently crossed the road without caring about the zebra crossing. 

He was caught by the traffic and the traffic asked him the money for breaking the rule. He gave him Rs 200 but this was not enough, he had to go to take classes. 10 to 5 is a comedy serial that is presented by the AP1 Television. It is a comedy serial that on airs once a week. The writer of the program is Kamal Kanta Mainali and he is also the co-director of the program.

Rajani Kc is the coordinator of the 10 to 5 and Dipak Sharma is the music composer of the program. We can see Kamal Mainali, Keshab Bhattarai, Nirmal Sharma, Mukunda Mainali, Rajni KC, Sunita Thakur, Rameshwor KC, Snadeep Shahi, Rachita Chhetri, Mani Raj Gautam, Sushma Tamang, Puja Lohar in the program.

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