12 facts about Titanic that sunk

Titanic was the biggest ship at the time when it met an accident. In an accident of Titanic, 1517 person died. Titanic was going to New York from Southampton, England. The ship collided with iceberg and sank down in the ocean. The incident happened on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm. There is also a Hollywood film based on this incident. Some of the secret facts about Titanic are listed below:

The crew-members of the ship had seen the iceberg before 30 seconds. They could have changed the direction if they had seen that iceberg a while ago.

There were 4 chimneys or smoke stakes on Titanic. Among the 4, smokes used to come out from 3 chimneys only and a chimney was just for decoration.

In the film Titanic, the musical crew was playing their musical instruments when the ship was drowning. That scene was not artificial. In real life, also the musician had played music when the ship was drowning.

In that incident, a chef was also able to survive. The chef thought that he would die. Therefore, he drank too much of alcohol before the Titanic sank down. The alcohol that he drank saved him. When he fell in the water, his body temperature did not decreased easily and he survived.