150ft tall iceberg formed in Canadian coast

Here in the video we can see an enormous iceberg that has turned the small town of Ferryland into a tourist spot.  The iceberg which has taken up residence just outside Ferryland is thought to be about 150ft high, more than 50ft higher than the one which the Titanic struck in 1912. The mayor of Ferryland Aidan Kavanagh told the Canadian Press that this is the biggest one I have ever seen around here.

It’s a huge iceberg and is so close that people can get a good photograph of it. We have seen most of the icebergs float past the coast, but this one appears to have become grounded in the shallow water. Typically 90 per cent of an iceberg’s mass is underwater, with just the tip protruding above the surface, meaning many run aground and are locked in place when they drift into shallow water towards the coast. This has however managed to drag a lot of tourist into the place.


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