28 kg child born in Mexico

In this world, amazing things happens to human beings. Sometimes, babies are born with two head and sometimes babies are born with the heaviest world, which amazes the whole world. Similarly, in Mexico, a 9 month old baby weights 28 kg. The normal weight of 9 month old baby should be 10 kg but the baby weights more than the normal baby and the doctors have no clues about it.

The name of the 9 month old baby who weights 28 kg is Luis Manuel Gonzales. The increase of the weight also affects the life of the baby. The baby was 3.5 kg when he was born and when he was 2 months old, he weighted 10 kg. However, the baby gained 18 kg more in the interval of 8 months.

At the beginning, the mother thought that her milk was nutritious but she she was depressed after the rapid growth of the weight. The baby's father earns $ 200 per month but the hormone injection of the baby costs $ 555 each. Therefore, his father created a Facebook page and opened a bank account for the people to help him for the treatment of his 9 month old son.