3-Year-Old Cute Girl Makes Perfect Chapatti At Kitchen

This a cutest moment ever caught when a 3-year-old little girl makes chapatti by her own. Generally toddlers of this age are supposed to roam around at home with toys, cherishing the whole environment of the house.

However, imagining a child inside kitchen with kitchen equipment might sound little bit bizarre for they are not supposed to do so. However, this has been caught in reality when a little girl, aged 3, prepared a perfect round chapatti by her own.

Video shows the cute girl inside the kitchen working with the dough of flour. This seems as if she is playing with the dough at the initiation, but the fact is she is trying to help her mother prepare chapatti at kitchen.

The girl holds a small amount of dough, makes ball and then starts rolling the ball with her hand in circular shape. Then she keeps the dough in flat surface and rolls again with rolling pin. Astonishingly she rolls the chapatti so perfect that it seems like it has been made by an adult person. The video is really cute and inspirational which now has been made viral.

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