50th Birthday of Deepak Raj Giri

Popular comedy actor and director Deepak Raj Giri had celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday with the team of Chakka Panja at the Radio Audio FM station. He had cut his 50th birthday cake with Chakka Panja team and his new project 'Cha Maya Chapakkai' team.

Giri rose to a fame with comedy program Tito Satya, the longest running TV Show in Nepal. Giri then ventured into films and have produced successful Nepali films like Chha Ekan Chha, Woda No Chha and the series of Chhakka Panja. He is currently busy with the his new project 'Cha Maya Chapakkai'.

His chemistry with Deepa Shree Niraula has been a talk of town for both reel life and real life scenarios. They have been best friends ever since they began their career. In this birthday program too both of them appreciated each other lot and somehow when Deepak praised Deepa she got emotional and cried too.

Watch this video to see how he celebrated his birthday amidst the media and what has other celebrities have to say about him.