A bull that earns millions monthly

You will be astonished to learn that a bull earns Rs 1.6 million per month. It is not a story, but a reality in the southern neighbor of our country. A bull belonging to a farmer in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh makes a monthly income of Rs 1.6 million. The heavyweight bull has been named 'Badaal'.

The bull that has been tamed by a farmer named Om Bir Singh was a center of attraction at the agriculture expo recently organized by an agricultural university. The price of the bull was fixed at Rs seven crore. The farmer has been making a monthly income of Rs 1.6 million by selling the se@men of the bull.

According to the farmer, the bull is fed five kilograms of apples and five liters of milk everyday to make it hulky. The lucky bull has been feeding on grams and green vegetables as well.

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