A shocking reality

Friends, you must have heard about poor places, you will see poor things too poor, but have you ever seen such things, living like stone and living from inside?

Yes Friends, some tribal people in a country called Argentina, they found some things like stone in one place, and for them the thing was stone, they never had a chance at them. They considered him a stone. But in reality there were stones or something else.

When some people went to such a place to go around like this, they went with the camera, they had a lot of mourning for taking pictures. And too many photos removed.

After a two-day stay, those people went back to their home and posted that photo on social media, then a college professor, after seeing that photo, saw that the professors were relieved. He is surprised, this is possible, it can not be so. After all what the professor saw in that photo.

The professor called those students and asked them, "These photos came out from the cave." The children were surprised at the sudden, suddenly the professor asked us to do such a thing. We did not do anything wrong

Those children were terrified by telling the professor about that place, after that the professor took his team, went to that place and saw that the stone was not there at that place, as suddenly the ocean has swallowed them, that stone suddenly said Disappear

But that professor found a broken shell at that place, which was left of the same stone.

When the professor examined him, it came to know that it is an ancient species, an egg of an animal, perhaps a demon of dinosaurs or even bigger ones.

But the professor was greatly disappointed, maybe he came to that place a few days ago and knew what he really was in.

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