A struggling life of Hashmot Ali

Hashmot Ali was attacked by a tiger in the jungle of Bangladesh. He had gone to the jungle with his friends. A tiger dragged its claw across his face. His face was torn apart with a single stroke of the tiger. As the tiger tore his face, he screamed in pain and his friends were able to save his life.

This incident took place 20 years ago. Hashmot Ali was 20 years of age when this incident took place and now he is 40 years. He reveals his face for the first time after the tiger attack. He still covers his face with a handkerchief due to humiliation from the people. He also cannot attend public ceremonies.

Hashmot is the father of three children. He is very worried about his daughter’s marriage. He thinks that his disfigurement of face will be hindrance for his daughter from finding a husband. He is hoping for a plastic surgery one day but it is very expensive.

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