A woman who swindled millions

We have been often hearing that conman swindling people of money through false promises. People read the news of swindling, but forget them within few days and fall on the traps of the swindlers.

We might not belief that a housewife has swindled people of millions of rupee. But, it true news that a woman in Pokhara has swindled people of more than Rs 50 million and made off with the money. The Lake City has been abuzz after the woman went out of contact after swindling more than Rs 50 million of 52 people. Some of the people have revealed the fact that they have been cheated, but others have kept the things under the wrap.

Devi Kumar Thapa Bhujel, hailing from Syangja district has been accused of swindling people of millions of rupees. Her husband had recently retired from Indian Army. Watch the video to find out how the woman swindled people of millions of rupees.

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