Actress Neeta Dhungana found wearing sindoor!

Neeta Dhungana is an actress and a model of Nepalese film industry. Neeta has been working in Nepali film industry since teenager. She has played as an elder sister in Ajambari Nata which was released in 2008.

Due to her acting and dance along with Nepali actor Jiwan Luitel in her popular Nepali film Notebook, she is popularly known "Gala Ratai Girl (English: Red Cheeks Girl)" which was shot in Ilam, Nepal, Nepal.

Recently, photos of the actress Neeta Dhungana donning sindoor had circulated in social media. Sindoor is a traditional vermilion red or orange-red colored cosmetic powder usually worn by married women along the parting of their hair. Use of sindoor denotes that a woman is married in Hindu communities, and ceasing to wear it usually implies widowhood.

The actress is having hard time to save her stardom after series of flop movies. The actress is busy shooting for the film 'Crorepati' along with actor Aryan Adhikari. Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav is also in the movie.