Adorable moments of Anmol KC

Here in the video we have some unseen moments of the most popular actor of present time. We can see some of the amazing moments of heartthrob of present time Anmol KC. He is a popular actor and is also known for giving a rare public appearance. Last time he was seen on the screen was when Gajalu was released starring Sristy Shrestha.

After Gajalu he has not had any released however he is busy with his most awaited movie "Kri". His fans are desperately waiting for the release of the movie; the movie is slated to release on Magh. The actor is also rarely seen in any social events.

Here in the video we have some amazing moments of Anmol that he has shared on social networking sites. He likes to keep a low profile. It is really hard to see him out as his craze is all over. He is also the first actor to have a bodyguard of his own.