In Nepal, we can find many different styles of songs and the various musical genres. With more than fifty ethnic groups, the music of the country is highly diverse.

Genres like pop, rock, folk, classical music are widely found, but many less common genres is yet too cataloged. Nowadays, lok dohori and modern songs are most popular in Nepalese music market. This trend is highly moved up due to the mushrooming number of Nepali media.

Therefore, singing a folk song has become like a fashion. New folk artists are born in this field day by day. Among them, many new folk artists are popular and some are unpopular in this musical field. The popularity depends upon their songs.

The new song of Bishnu Majhi and Puskal Sharma called 'Akal' presented to you. It is a song written by Bhabin Shahi Surkheti. Prani Gurung. Pranil Gurung, Subba Ranabhat and Dhurba Shahi are musicians of the song.

The models in the song are Puskal Sharma, Sarika KC and Subba Ranabhat. The cinematographer of the music video is Karan Chaisir. Bishnu Sharma has done editing and Ekindra Sara Shankar has directed of the music video.