Alia talks about her love life

Actors Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been open about their relationship but with some caveats. While Ranbir was the first to open up about the relationship, Alia has been more guarded.


However, at a recent award function, she gave a shout-out to Ranbir in her acceptance speech, starting yet another round of wedding rumours. Answering a question whether her ‘I Love You’ comment during her speech at Filmfare awards was a confirmation of their relationship, Alia said, “What connects Ranbir and I is for me to understand.


What I did at that moment of thanking him was purely out of gratitude, and honesty, and it was all heart. Why I feel what I feel is very personal and I don’t think it can be discussed in public domain. This is the first time that I am talking about anything like this and I would like to keep it sacred and simple.