Almoda's Song "Dilko Bhittaima" Featuring Cartoonz Crew Claimed Theft

Almoda Raj Uprety is a playback singer of Nepal. He has song popular songs like Funtastic and Kahile Vetne Khai. He was first seen playing keyboard in Kripa Unplugged Season 2. He also sings cover songs and uploads on Youtube. He also features new singers to sing with him in the cover songs.

There was a rumor that Almoda Raj Uprety copied had copied the song Ye Daju Nasamau. The song belonged to the people of Gandarva caste. Kancha Magar Nepali had composed the song. The family of Kancha Magar Nepali had also filed a case against Almoda by stating that that he had done injustice to Kancha Magar Nepali. Kancha Magar Nepali's great grandchild named Prince Nepali had given an opportunity to Almoda to listen his great grandfather song.

Almoda Raj Uprety has been claimed theft for the second time. His new song Dilko Bhittaima has been claimed theft. He is claimed that he had theft the song from the song of the movie Rajja Rani. The title of the song is Chipak Chipak. There is some much evidence that Almoda has theft the song from the movie. He also rushed to release his song before the release of the movie song.

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