Amazing restaurant opens in Spain

Amazing things are happening in this world. Different types of methods and ideas are implemented to attract the people. Recently, a new restaurant of Spain has its own specialty. People have to be naked while going to the restaurant.
In the restaurant, the people should be n@ked and they can have their meal on the n@ked body of their favorite waiter and waitress.

The name of the restaurant is The Inneto Teneraif. The people should be n@ked before having their meal and stimulating environment will be created in the restaurant.

The costumers have to leave their mobile phones and camera in the counter of the restaurant and they will be directly taken to the changing room. The costumers will be given shower clothes to wear. After that, they will be taken to the place where they can have their meal. They also have to take off their shower clothes before having their meal and become n@de and stimulating environment will be created.

Each and every table is separated with the bamboos and will also be able to sustain their privacy.The names of the foods are also se@ual. More interestingly, the foods are served on the n@ked body of waiter and waitress who conceal their private parts with leaves.

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