Anmol Suhana starer song released

First song from the most awaited movie Ae Mero hajur 3 has been released. We can see the amazing chemistry of Anmol KV and Suhana Thapa in the video of the song. The music of the song is composed by Ashish Aviral. The song is sung by Sugam Pokhrel and Prabisha Adhikari.


The video has been shot in beautiful locations. This is the third installment of Ae Mero Hajur which is directed by Jharana Thapa. The movie also marks the debut of her daughter Suhana. Anmol Kc repeatedly has said that Suhana will be a great star and he has seen he potential of her to be the next big star in Nepali film.


 In the video we can see her work and she somehow resembles her mother who is also a great actor. Anmol is also doing greats as his latest released Captain has been well received. Watch video to know more..