Anmol warns for patch up between parents

Bhuwan KC is a producer and director along with an actor. He started his career as a singer for Radio Nepal. He debuted in Nepali film industry from the movie Juni, which was not commercially successful. His first successful movie was Samjhana. His son Anmol KC is also a successful actor of Nepal.

Bhuwan KC has given more hit movies than any actors of Nepali film industry. He is known for his playboy character. His first wife was Vijaya Malla and second wife was Sushmita KC. He got divorced with both of his wives. Kajal KC and Vivek KC are his children with Vijaya Malla whereas Anmol KC is his son with Sushmita KC. His son Anmol KC is already the superstar of Nepali film industry.

In an interview, Bhuwan KC told that he could not experience hostel life. He also told that Anmol does his all work himself and does not want other to do his work.

He also told that Anmol was kept in hostel with the consent of his wife and not because of his wish. He revealed that Anmol KC had once told his parents that he would die if they did not stayed together.

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