Archana Paneru shouldn't feel insecure from me: Suvekshya Thapa

Nepali actress Suvekshya Thapa has worked in couple of Nepali films and known for her bold avatars in the movies. She was mired into controversies following a photoshoot for a mainstream online portal.

The actress was seen topless wearing a khada, a shawl like cloth Buddhist use has for holy purposes, and used it to cover her bodies. The actress drew flak from several quarters and was also banned.

The Film Artists Association (FAA) had revoked the membership of actress Suvekshya Thapa for six months over the Buddhist Khada controversy. The actresses was accused of vulgarity and undermining the religious goodwill.

In an interview with DC Nepal, the actress said that there is no need that Archana Paneru should feel insecure from her, adding that she is more glamorous than her and she can't give such glamorous scenes in this life.

When asked why she has been far from the media limelight, the actress refuted that she has been far from media, adding that she will be coming up with a blast.

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