Bhanna Sakdin

There are different fields for presenting the feeling and situation faced in the way of life in the society. Music is also the popular way for expressing situation of society. The feelings like sadness, happiness and different demand of the time and people are also beautifully presented in the musical presentation.

The field of Nepali music industry can be studied by different ways. The companies like Music Nepal, Songs Nepal, Budha Subba Digital, Highlights Nepal etc are established in the market of Nepal. These companies present different presentation in the market. Out of these all presentation, some presentations are most popular.

There are different companies established in the market. These companies publish the popular presentation as well. There are different reasons besides the popularity of presentation. Publishing the presentation mainly based on the demand of the people and time also can be the main reason for the popularity of presentation. The main attraction of a beautiful presentation can be described below.

Here is a New Nepali Melodious Pop song Bhanna Sakdin presented to you. This song is sung by Sanjay Khadgi and Susannah Aldred. The lyrics has been written by Sabina Manandhar. The beautiful acting of Aastha Basnet and Bikalpa Bhujel can be seen in the video of song.

Shivaram Shrestha has done camera works. Bharat Regmi and Subrat Raj Acharya are editor and director respectively. This song has presented the different feeling facing in the way of love through a beautiful presentation. You can get more entertain from this song.


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