'Birsera Malai'- Acoustic cover by Rahul Biswas

Nowadays making cover songs and videos are trend among youngsters. They are showing their inner talents by singing covers songs. Some cover songs are better than original song but some are very worst. It depends upon the people and their singing or music or arrangements.

Likewise, here is the cover song of a song ‘Birsera Malai' originally sung by Hem agar Lama. Rahul Biswas one of the contestants has launched this new cover song in the YouTube channel of Jyovan Bhuju.

Jyovan Bhuju was also participated in Nepal Idol 2017 but he could not go ahead. It is hard to believe that the cover artist who got many subscribers on his youtube channel wasn't selected and failed to find the place for top 18.

Similarly, Rahul Biswas too was one of the contestants of Nepal Idol who went ahead up to Top 12 but could not go ahead from this. Now he recently had launched an acoustic cover song of Birsera Malai. Rahul even sang this song Birsera Malai in the Nepal Idol piano round 12 and at that time too, his singing was much appreciated by the judges.

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