Birthmark Has Destroyed My Life

Naseem Banu 27 age, from Jaipur Rajasthan India was born with a birth mark which has covered the right half of her face. Living her entire life with the scare on her face Naseem Banu feels horrific after being abandoned by men's for marriage.  

She has completed her BA but facing bully during her school days Naseem says that the adult life has become complicated and a resist life for her where she has failed to find a job.

She is interested in teaching but she is not confident enough to interrelate face to face and feels hesitated because of her birth mark. When Naseem was a kid her parents took her to the government hospital for a treatment but doctor refused as it would cost a massive amount of cash and her parents wouldn’t afford it.

She doesn't like going out as she would receive unwanted attention from people. Seeing everyone getting married in her family Naseem wishes to get and hopes to find someone to help her cope.

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