Can you guess the salary of Google's CEO Pichai

Google is one of the top information companies of the world. Google is the leader in internet search engine. Most of us use the most popular search engine uncountable times in our daily lives.

The Google has many products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive, Google Earth and Google Maps among many others. Many of us might have these different products of Google in our everyday life. Google is multi-million multinational companies that have spread its tentacles in different parts of the world. The current Chief Executive Officer of the internet search engine giant is Sundar Pichai. Have you ever imagined the salary of the Google boss?

We will reveal the information in the video below. If converted into Nepali currency, the monthly salary of Pichai is Rs 1. 60 million. At the beginning of 2016, his annual salary was around 200 million USD. According to CNN, Pichai used to invest all the money he had earned into share market. Watch the full video for more information.