Chhoree Ko Karma

New song of the upcoming new Nepali movie ‘Panchayat' has been made public on YouTube on 5th October, 2017. The song is titled as ‘Chhoree Ko Karma’ featuring actress Nita Dhungana.

Panchayat is the Nepali movie made under the banner of Kalawati Films and Hetauda Movie Maker Team. The movie stars Saroj Khanal, Nita Dhungana in the lead role with Rupa Rana, Geeta Adhikari, Ganesh Giri and Janwi Basnet in the supporting role. The movie is releasing on Falgun 18, 2074

Chhoree Ko Karma is the first song released by the movie Panchayat. This song can be compared to the song of Jhaklakman Gandharva as it is too similar with his song. The song is similar to 'Hey Barai' and it has been sung by Saru Gautam. The song is too sentimental and heart touching.

The movie 'Panchyat' is trying to show the 50 years ago society in Nepal where there is the discrimination between son and daughter. Daughters are discriminated in many ways at that period. They are banned from getting education they are kept in cowshed if they goes through menstruation period. The stories of 50 years ago are shown in this movie.

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