Comedian actress Nirmali assaulted by husband

Popular comedian actress Niru Khadka who is known as Nirmali has been victim of domestic violence. The actress has been assaulted by her husband. It is said that her husband wanted her to quit acting and stay in home looking after her two kids. When she refused to do this and continued her acting her husband assaulted her.

It is said that her ear has been damage because of this.  It is really sad and heart shivering that our society has taken woman as an inferior animal and they can behave with them as they wish. The woman can't raise their voice for anything and no matter how far the world has developed but still we are lagging behind these thing.

They have always been kept back and are still lost somewhere. The woman right and equality has been practiced in advocating only but in reality nothing has been done for their rights. It is a high time for everyone to be careful about this thing and fight for their rights.


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