Comedy serial by Maha Chautari

"Maha Chautari" is a comedy video. The video features Hari Bansa Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha, Kiran KC and other cast too. Hari Bansha is portrayed in the role of Hari Bahadur, a bad guy who always wishes for others bad, he can never think of good thing and always wants to create non violence in the society, He is against living in harmony with everyone and he wishes that everyone live in war and nothing should go right.

He is a very bad guy as always he wishes for the bad of the country and people. The scenario of the video goes like this, a guy is chasing him and he is running and running. After a while that guy reaches to Jetha baa for justice. Hari Bansa plays a demon and he has a team and he has now entered the village to trouble the people. Watch video to know the video in more details…


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