Dahal avoids 13-day rituals of his deceased son

The final rites of the son of the Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prakash Dahal were performed as per the Hindu traditions.

The former Prime Minister had lit the funeral pyre to perform the last rites of his son at Pashupati Arygahat on Sunday evening. But, it has been reported that the family will not be performing the 13-day rituals as per the Hindu tradition. The cremation of the deceased marks the beginning of the mourning period, which lasts for 13 days. During this time, the family of the deceased will stay at home and receive visitors, though mourning rituals may differ depending on the community.

It has been reported that 13-day rituals were not performed as it is often avoided by those involved in Communist movement. However, the part is slated to be organized a condolence ceremony in Chitwan on Tuesday in memory of the deceased leader.

Prakash Dahal had died of a sudden cardiac arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning. His final rites were performed yesterday evening.