Dhiraj Magar talks about his relation with Samragyee

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with the debutant actor, Dhiraj Magar from  'Intu Mintu London Ma'.  In the video he talks about his whole experience and many more. The movie looks stunning as it is shot in Uk and some parts in Nepal. There were also any rumors in the early days of movie shooting.


IT was said that Samragyee did not get visa for UK.  The shooting units were in trouble as it is impossible to do shooting without reaching Samragyee at London as the name itself portrays the story of UK. After facing all the hustle the movie has been made as per their wisah.


It looks promising as we can see amazing chemistry of Samragyee and Dhiraj. Samragyee Rajya Laxmi (RL) Shah is a Nepalese model and actress mostly known for her lead role in the Nepali movie 'Dreams' opposite to actor Anmol KC. Watch video to know more…