Distressing Moment Of A Tigress Being Mauled To Death By Her Fellow Tigers

Horrifying footage shows a young tigress mauled to death by other tigers. The incident was reportedly captured by a group of terrified tourists who had come to visit a zoo in north-east China’s Changchun City.

Video shows the helpless two years old tigress being attacked by seven to eight tigers inside the zoo. The video footage lasts for two and a half minutes showing the brutal attack. Along with the video, a post claimed that the incident took place in the Changchun Botanical and Zoological garden.

It is also claimed that the young tigress had been attacked by the tigers because she intruded their territory.  A spokes person from the zoo the tigress was an offspring of one of the tigers that attacked her.

However it does not seem the young animal had been killed due to the animals’ protection towards the territory. The zoo authority said the tigress died of suffocation after being bitten at her neck. Tourists who witnessed the attack apparently thought the zoo’s poor management was to blame.

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