Dramatic plane crash captured on camera

A dramatic footage has emerged out showing a plane crash. A video that has been uploaded on YouTube show a plane crash captured on camera.

The video show that an airplane touches wires as it catches fire and crashes. US media reported that asmall plane crashed on Harbour Pointe Boule

Media reported that there was no serious injury.vard SW east of Cyrus Way Tuesday afternoon, damaging several vehicles but causing no serious injuries, police said.

Investigators told media that the pilot of the Piper aircraft, a man from Oregon, took off from Everett's Paine Field immediately previous to 3:30 p.m and then began trailing the power of the engine.

He said investigators that he was losing altitude very quickly and to return so he attempted to land on Harbour Point Boulevard because it was clear. The plane, however, clipped electricity lines and then hit a street light, rupturing a fuel cell.