Elections won’t be held on May 31, says astrologer

Rishi Dhamala is a popular journalist of Nepal and the founder and chairperson of Reporters Club of Nepal. He also works in several media outlets. He works for at least four televisions. He runs a business talk show in Nepal Television, RD show in Himalayan TV and Ujyalo Nepal in News 24 TV.

Dhamala Ko Hamala is a weekly show presented by Rishi Dhamala. The program is broadcasted from Himalayan TV. In the program, he invites different political leaders, actors, businessmen and others.

Rishi Dhamala is criticized for his questions. In his show Dhamala Ko Hamala, he attacks his guest with his questions rather than attacking physically. Though he is criticized for his silly questions to the guests, he has been hosting the show till date.

In the show Dhamala Ko Hamala, Dhamala invited two astrologers Dr. Suneel Sitaula and Bingam Raj Timilsina. Dr. Suneel Sitaula told that the local level election in Baishakh 31 would be unsuccessful. Timilsina also agreed with him but told that the election would also be successful if all the negative vibes are turned into positive vibes.

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