Elephant throws teenager through the air after trying to climb up its trunk

Here in the video we can see the moment when a teenager was thrown away in air by the elephant. The boy had tried to climb up an elephant’s trunk. The boy is said to have been trying to recreate a scene from Indian blockbuster Baahubali where the hero in the film runs up an elephant’s trunk onto its back.

Normally they are animal and they don’t have sense. They can’t discriminate between good and bad and right or wrong. They just do whatever they feel like. These are very deadly animals and whenever they feel mad they just lose their control and they are in terrific form. 

Nothing in the world can control them and they will just do whatever they feel like doing. They are in their own kind and they are especially destructive. Here in the video we can see the similar thing. The boy thought that the scene in the movie was real and tried to copy it.


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