Fateko Jutta poster: Dayahang Rai seen in avatar of Goddess

Only three days have been left for the release of the much-anticipated film of the year 'Fateko Jutta'. The film has been slated to release across the nation from Kartik 17. The song 'I am Sorry ' from the film is already a hit. Meanwhile, a poster of the film featuring Dayahang Rai has been made public. In the poster, the actor has been portrayed in a form of a Goddess. It is first such kind for the actor.

The poster has further increased curiosity among audiences regarding the character of the actor and the film. The film featuring Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki has cameo roles by Barsha Raut and Dayahang Rai. Apart from these, the film stars Rameshor Chaurasiya, Rabindra Jha and Anoj Pandey.

The film has been edited by Dirgha Khadka. Niraj Kandel is the director of photography for the film, while Arjun Kumar and Nikes Khadka are producer and director respectively.

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