Father in law planned rape of his daughter in law to take revenge

Today's crime story is about a woman named Asha. She had a daughter and her husband had gone out of the town for the work. He used to live in Mumbai. She was living with her mother in law and father in law and one sister. She was not liked by anyone in her family. They used to tell her that she was characterless and she had an affair with many guys. One day she was returning from the work and it was late in the evening.

She was kidnapped and raped. She told this to her family but no one believed her. She then thought of fighting for her right and after a month of the incident she went to police station to lodge a complaint. Her family was not standing hy her side. Crime story is a program based on the crime that has been solved by the police. The program depicts the crime that had taken place and the main motto of the program is to make people aware about the payback of crime.


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