Five ways to reduce belly fat

Body fats are very harmful to health. Fat people get caught by different types of diseases. If the body fat is not controlled, it will lead to death. Regular exercise and diet plan is the best way to decrease body weight. People do not have sufficient time to do regular exercise due to busy schedule. Here is the list of things that you should do if you are obese:

Eat Chilies
The consumption of chilies helps to decrease body fat. You should eat chilies while having dinner. Green Tea:  You should drink green tea before going to bed. The drinking of green tea helps to increase the metabolism of body and helps to decrease body weight.

Stress Free Before Sleeping

Stress should not be taken before sleeping. Create good environment and have positive thoughts before sleeping. Taking a bath before going to bed also helps to get good sleep.

Eating Dinner Before 7
You should have dinner till 7 o'clock. Eating dinner late and sleeping immediately after having dinner affects the metabolism of the body and it helps ti increase body weight. Soup:  Consuming soup before meal is assumed healthy. This habit also helps to decrease body weight.

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